Novel Synopsis: Noah
Word Count: 134,687
Published by All Things That Matter Press

Noah is a mystic/environmental thriller set in contemporary New Mexico. Noah, a fifty-seven year old carpenter, is in love with the much younger Bambi, a psychotherapy graduate student from Georgia. Noah’s simple life is disturbed when he hears God’s voice speak to him on an abandoned television in the desert. It is then that he has his first vision of a star child who tells him there will be a celestial rebellion. This is the first revelation of a celestial intervention to stop a diabolical plot by the POA.

The POA, (Protectors of the Apocalypse), is a powerful, clandestine global organization that is intent on insuring the apocalypse as a means of purging population and retaining global domination. Noah is commanded to build a vessel worthy of a birth. He struggles to accept his commission to build an ark, as he must tell Bambi and is worried about her clinical reaction; and also, he must collect scat in order to preserve DNA as a means to save animal consciousness to be restored to an earth utopia.

To complicate Noah’s struggle, he finds there are two supernatural beings attached to him—a demon named Charlie and a daemon named Danwho represent the greater celestial plan of earth’s cataclysmic transformation. This “plan” comes from the cosmic source that Dan and Charlie call the Mystery.

Noah is a quirky, action-packed narrative. It is a rollercoaster ride that takes the reader through the polarization of science and religion, technology and indigenous wisdom. Noah’s struggles are the struggles of all of us as we attempt to find meaning in Universal paradoxical patterns. Noah will speak to everyone’s struggle with planetary changes and the expansion of evolutionary human consciousness. Noah is a wisdom tale for wise folks.

NOAH © Patricia L. Meek

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