Novel Synopsis: Wonderworld, Book 1: The Valley of Lost Souls

Alyson Keane is the celebrity worldbuilder of Wonderworld, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Platform (MMORPG). Wonderworld, the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-themed virtual destination, is the most popular virtual reality game on Earth. However, some gamers have started to get sick, and some have disappeared. Alyson relocates from the Boulder Skin biodome to the Free Air Zone of Queston to focus on fixing Wonderworld’s glitches. Question is not only a UFO hotbed inhabited by hardy survivalists and alien chasers but a rare location of biological diversity on a dimming planet, the last reminder of natural life before the Corporate Divide. Here she meets an alien hybrid, Ryone Roberts, who reveals to her that alien technology is not only corrupting Wonderworld, it is destroying the fabric of reality and free will for humanity. He uncovers a Mastery Stone inside Alyson that can change the destiny of an Earth in its last bloom. Can Alyson integrate this information on her journey to self-discovery and solve the doublebinds of Wonderworld before the real world is consumed by ultimate evil?

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