Up From Small
For Emily Carr, Written on Vision Quest

I was born enlarged,
more complete
then my polite culture
could contain.

In order to survive,
I consented to fit
into a teacup.

I dwelled in that dark,
as small as I could
for one having such an ancient heart--
                        a mighty drum, drum.

It was my father
who cracked the china
when I was nine.
                        I was safe no more.

Then, in some slip of day,
I drew MY rage.
Allowed myself to step into BIG.
Up from small.

Up from small
the mighty oak cracked
the acorn of it's knowing
that it must push upwards
or die.

Up from small,
I pushed upward
until I became the entire mountain
of my destiny.

Up from small.
Let no man constrain, tether, or tie
that which is God's bidding to grow.

Up from small.
The grasshopper must leap forward
every day into blinding light.

That sunspot.
The quickening face of God.

Patricia L. Meek, 2004


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